Saving the Snowy Brumbies – A book release by Kelly Wilson

In Australia 400,000 to 1 million Brumbies roam free and well over 100,000 are culled each year. Of this number almost all of them are trapped or mustered, then sent to slaughter or aerially culled.

While the plight of wild horses is similar on every continent, it is the situation in Australia that deeply shocked the Wilson sisters and triggered their latest adventure – saving the Brumbies of the Snowy Mountains.

In late 2015 the NSW government announced plans to cull 90% of the untamed horses in the Snowy Mountains through ground shooting, a horrific practice of hunting the Brumbies on foot with their carcasses left to rot where they fall. This practice, along with others, such as being chased down, hunted by bow and arrows or aerially culled, is an unsustainable solution which barely controls Australia’s wild horse numbers.

Determined to save these horses from their desperate circumstances, the Wilson sisters turned their attention to taming the iconic Snowy Mountain Brumbies for the Australian Brumby Challenge. This process would culminate in a showcase at Equitana demonstrating once and for all the promise held within these extraordinary animals.

With experience taming wild horses in New Zealand and America the Wilson sisters have gained international recognition, including a hit rating television series, for their work in saving these incredible creatures. Yet of all the wild horses in the world it was the Australian Brumbies, introduced to the Wilson sisters through the Silver Brumby books, that first inspired their love and appreciation of these majestic animals.

Today the future of those wild Brumbies roaming free in Australia remains uncertain. Saving the Snowy Brumbies is a heart-wrenching read which shows how a little kindness and patience can lead to life-long rewards.


Laminitis Vaccine Offers Horse Owners a Preventive Tool

Very interesting article, especially for this time of year. It briefly mentions “a product containing the antibiotic virginiamycin as a preventive agent for grass founder” which is Founderguard, Who knew? But it doesn’t mention a possible alternative such as a hind gut acid buffer like Equisure to prevent or minimise the gut bacteria unbalance and resulting release of toxins into the horses system.After nearly four decades of watching the devastating impact of laminitis on horses, equine surgeon Dr. David Wilson has developed a vaccine that has the potential to save the performance careers — and lives — of horses around the world.. Laminitis (or founder) is one of the leading causes of loss in horses, right alongside colic and musculoskeletal problems.

Source: Laminitis Vaccine Offers Horse Owners a Preventive Tool

Dressage Arena – Diagram With Sizes and Dimensions

Click here to see a larger version | Click here for the imperial version The Components of a Dressage Arena Dressage is an incredibly disciplined sport where horse and rider must work together to execute an incredibly intricate set of performances. It is this complexity and entertainment value that has

Source: Dressage Arena – Diagram With Sizes and Dimensions