Discover the new Therapy with horses for Cancer Patients and how it helps

In recent years, there has been evidence suggesting that horses can provide therapy to cancer patients. Studies have been conducted by Cerulli et al, which prove that equine therapy is a technique that does show improvements, both to the body and the mind, in people who have cancer or who have completed their treatment. Even simple contact with a horse can bring benefits to people who are suffering from this terrible disease.

How Horses Help:  In this study, breast cancer patients who’d completed their treatment, spent 2 hours a week with the horses over a 16-week period. It was found that after spending this amount of time with the horses, the patients had increased their fitness levels and gained strength. The patients also found that their state of mind improved, too.

To read more about the new therapy that is helping cancer patients, check out this article – Horses Helping Cancer Patients.

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