Does the human voice calm horses? – Interesting research

In addition to being cautioned to move slowly around horses, many new riders are also instructed to speak in a soothing tone, in the belief that it can make the animal calm. A recent study investigated whether such advice had a beneficial impact on the horse.

According to Katrina Merkies of the University of Guelph, “Anecdotally, we know that horses respond better to calm and soothing tones, so our hypothesis is that speaking in a calm and pleasant voice will inspire calm behaviour in a horse.”

Equine Science Update

For more details see:
Does the human voice have a calming effect on horses?
K. Merkies, H. MacGregor, M. Ouimette, E. Bogart, K. Miraglia
Proceedings 2013 Equine Science Society Symposium
J Equine Vet Sci (2013)Volume 33, Issue 5, May 2013, Pages 368


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