Does the human voice calm horses? – Interesting research

In addition to being cautioned to move slowly around horses, many new riders are also instructed to speak in a soothing tone, in the belief that it can make the animal calm. A recent study investigated whether such advice had a beneficial impact on the horse.

According to Katrina Merkies of the University of Guelph, “Anecdotally, we know that horses respond better to calm and soothing tones, so our hypothesis is that speaking in a calm and pleasant voice will inspire calm behaviour in a horse.”

Equine Science Update

For more details see:
Does the human voice have a calming effect on horses?
K. Merkies, H. MacGregor, M. Ouimette, E. Bogart, K. Miraglia
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J Equine Vet Sci (2013)Volume 33, Issue 5, May 2013, Pages 368


Courtney Fraser & Emma Booth Fundraiser

As many people have been asking how Emma and Courtney are going after their accident, the following details have been released with Courtney and Emma’s permission. We hope that an update on their progress to date will give everyone a better understanding as to why we are fundraising for them and what they are going through.

As you are all aware both girls suffered multiple injuries and were hospitalised as a result of the horrific car accident on the 7th April 2013.

Courtney sustained a fractured knee cap, fractured ribs and sternum as well as other minor injuries and is still recovering slowly with the help of physiotherapy. Courtney has, however lost nearly everything in the accident, her horses, horse gear, car and her float, of which, not all were insured.

Emma’s life has been forever altered by the injuries she has sustained. Emma’s spinal cord was severely impacted, causing irreversible damage that has left her as a paraplegic. She sustained multiple fractures and extensive internal injuries, having lifesaving abdominal surgery followed by major spinal surgery to repair her spinal column. Emma remains an inpatient at the Austin Hospital rehabilitation centre, the Royal Talbot. She is progressing each day with rehabilitation and learning new life skills that will allow her to lead an independent life in the future. Emma is aiming to discharge from the Royal Talbot in August and continue with her rehabilitation closer to home.

Will, Cathy and Sarah wanted to help their friends, knowing that they were living through everyone’s worst nightmare. We felt we had to do something to help the girls get their lives back together. This fundraiser is not only about raising money for the girls and their families, but to give them both something to look forward to, hence, why not have a Ball at the best venue in Melbourne, the Palladium Room at Crown!

We are overwhelmed with the response from people offering to help by donating goods to auction at the ball and from people who are supporting Courtney and Emma by attending the event.

And it’s not too late to make a contribution. Feel free to contact our team if you wish to make a donation to the fundraiser. To purchase tickets go to

Please show your support to both Courtney and Emma and join us for a great night out at the Palladium Room at Crown for a three course dinner, beverages, band, auctions and much, much more on Friday the 26th of July.
More information here

Regards Walter

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