Lysterfield Combined Training – short video clip Vaughan Ellis on Mio Jupiter Level 1

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The season is starting off with the first comp at Lysterfield. Slight dew made the dressage a bit slippery for Occy and I was concentrating so hard on keeping him balanced and forward around the short side in canter I forgot the medium canter. Bugger. Should have put grass studs in.
Regards Walter
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A Interesting Ride, A Good Ride and Great Ride

In the last few days I had one of each. On Saturday I discovered a way to
make sure that my shoulders and neck and even upper body were relaxed while
doing some flat work with Occy in the arena. Just make sure you have some
neck muscle spasms happening before your ride. That way every time you tense
up you KNOW about it as your neck ties itself in knots. That was interesting
Once I learned to relax ended up having a good ride.
Today went for a ride out down the back of my place and ended up having a
great ride. Apart from a short moment where Occy tested me at the creek
crossing, he was the most rideable he has ever been. I just had to think
turn and he turned. And as for jumping, I was really able just to sit him up
and wait for the jump to come up with power in his stride. In fact he was so
good I decided to jump “my log”. Halfway down the back of my place there is
this log. Good size log, never measured it but it’s at least 90cm high with
a angled approach and about only a meter of log available to jump with a 2 ½
stride approach. Been waiting for 10 years to jump that log. Good boy. Great

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 Megan Jones – Kirby Park Allofasudden

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Regards Walter

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