Spring and new paddocks

Clover breath is so much nicer than hay breath. But Occy seemed a little, ahm, distracted after 3 days in a new paddock without work 😉 Regards Walter

Tooradin 2011 Preliminary Horsetrials – YouTube

In contrast to the dressage and showjumping on the day before Sunday was warm and humid with perfect footing for the Crosscountry. And Occy gave me one of the best runs he has so far. Only had to encourage hin for the first few jumps and a couple here and there, But I was actually able to cruise for more than half the course without having to push for time.

Metropolitan Mounted Police at Olympia – YouTube

Now this is worth watching for just for making the difficult look easy. Most of us have taken our jackets off whilst riding, but normally stop to do so. The mounted Police officers here do so whilst jumping. That is just the start. THis is a must watch really, not just for what they can do on horseback both with and without a saddle (thats a hint) and also what these VERY well trained horses will do for their riders. Enjoy.

Subtle signs of lameness in horses from EQUUS | Equisearch

A full lameness exam can help pinpoint subtle signs of unsoundness in horses. ©EQUUS Magazine
  • A hind leg that doesn’t reach as far forward as the other with each stride
  • Overall shorter strides or reluctance to “move out” when asked
  • One hoof that consistently cuts deeper into footing than the opposite foot
  • Resistance to picking up a particular lead
  • Refusing or running out at fences
  • A change in movement or demeanor when you post on a particular diagonal
  • More or less flexion in the joint in one limb
  • A “pecking” movement of the front legs, as if the horse is trying to tiptoe
  • Asymmetrical hips or shoulders
  • A significant change in gait when moving from soft to firm footing and back again
  • Resistance to traveling from on type of footing to another

Sourced from Subtle signs of lameness in horses from EQUUS | Equisearch