Ever wanted to go to Aachen, now you virtually can with great 360 degree panoramas

A stroll over the world’s most famous show grounds
360° panorama photos let the Soers come alive

No doubt – there is nothing better than experiencing the world’s best horses and riders live in the stadiums of the CHIO Aachen. Those who have already visited the traditional show grounds, can now vividly reminisce about their stay: 360° panorama photos on www.chioaachen.de give virtual access for example to the stables or the judges’ tower. But also panorama images of the cross-country course, the CHIO Village or the stadiums are available online. Though, even if the 360° pictures provide a good overview of the show grounds – the special atmosphere of the CHIO Aachen cannot be conveyed digitally. It can only be experienced live:

Check out the CHIO Panorama Tour here


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