The Horse | Stringhalt in Horses

A jerk, a jump, a hop with the hind legs tucked up high. Similar to the function of strings on a marionette, stringhalt seems to make horses yank their legs up and halt them there momentarily before taking their next step. This uncontrollable exaggerated movement of the digital extensor muscles is the outward sign of neurologic disease, sometimes caused by toxicity, sometimes of unknown origin. If time doesn’t cure it, the prognosis is poor. But today researchers are hard at work looking into ways to make horses with this condition safe, happy, and free of clinical signs. Read more about Stringhalt causes in horses here


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I ride horses and compete in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing or Horse Trials. I also own and run an Equestrian property to the East of Melbourne, Australia. In my spare time I run a couple of websites including and To afford all this I work a full time job, so the definition of spare time is usually after dark. Sleep is over rated ;-) In my Blogs I try to tell what I am doing with the horses, give some updates with regards to the equestrian events I am attending and any relevant news about horse health and performance. I also give reviews on any new products I get my hands on related to my horsey activities If yuo want to buy or sell horses or anything equestrian related try

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