Laying to Rest Five Horse-Feeding Myths

Like so many old-timers, horsemen of yesteryear take pleasure in telling tales. With their tales come nuggets of feeding advice—sometimes sage, sometimes bunk. Kathleen Crandell, Ph.D., longtime nutritionist with Kentucky Equine Research, separates knowledge from nonsense for horse owners throughout the world.  Her explanations for five common misconceptions follow.

The 5 myths are

·         Concentrates or grains should form the foundation of a horse’s diet, and hay is secondary.

·         Alfalfa (lucerne) hay is best left for dairy cows, not horses.

·         Corn is a heating feed and will keep my horse warm in the winter.

·         Protein is the root of all evils, and every precaution should be made to rid a diet of excessive protein.

·         Feeding rates on feedbag tags are exaggerated, and my horse is fine with just a handful of feed each day

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