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Early start to get to Bulla as the EastLink road tunnel was closed for a fun run. I’d rather do my running on a horse J .

Got to Bulla about 8.20 with enough time to get ready for my 9.16 dressage test without rushing. Occy was working reasonably nicely, but I felt he could have been a touch more forward and supple. His lengthening trots could have been a smidge better and it felt to me his last halt wasn’t quite square. I think my work with Megan Jones during the week paid of a bit as the test was marked with 8s and 7s putting me second after dressage.

That gave me a couple of hours before the mad rush of showjumping followed half an hour later by Cross-country to walk the courses. Di and Bron had made the journey to provide moral and other support to myself and Heather, who was doing her first horse trials in years, plus. her horse had never done a horse trials. The XC course looked the same as last year with some interesting turning lines. And the grass was green and thick underfoot with a couple of boggy patches. Unheard of in Bulla.

Showjumping went well, even though we gave the third jump a good knock, but the rail stayed where it was supposed to. Apparently the round looked nice and forward and was clear.

A change of boots and putting on of back protector and numbers for the XC just outside of the SJ ring, another quick gear check and a real quick warm up for the XC was next. I almost missed the start as I did not hear my number being called. Had a slight stick moment at jump 4 the sharks teeth. But as Occy had a stop at this last year I was prepared and encouraged him from about 6 strides out. We had no problems with the 2 triple combinations and motored on nicely up to the far corner of the course, taking short lines where possible. Time was still looking good coming out of the water and I backed of the pace before we crossed the finish 7 seconds under. The helpers were there to help, which was appreciated.

When the Showjumping scores went up I knew I was in with a good chance as the person coming first had 10 penalties in the showjumping, putting me in first place baring any problems with the cross-country. Which of course was no problem, so we won our first rug for Level 2 Horse Trials  J . Plus I won a set of soft touch spurs courtesy of Southern Stars Saddlery www.southernstarssaddlery.com  in the raffle. That just left me with the long drive back home and the unpacking.

And Occy got carrots.

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