Farrier day at home 4 #horses and hot shoeing

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Haven’t had this many horses shod at once up here for a while now. 2 of mine and the 2 agisted horses. Takes up most of the morning. Drilled and tapped Occy’s shoes for studs. He has quite big feet using a size 7 or a 3 depending on brand of shoe.
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I ride horses and compete in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing or Horse Trials. I also own and run an Equestrian property to the East of Melbourne, Australia. In my spare time I run a couple of websites including http://www.horseoz.com and http://www.carinyapark.com. To afford all this I work a full time job, so the definition of spare time is usually after dark. Sleep is over rated ;-) In my Blogs I try to tell what I am doing with the horses, give some updates with regards to the equestrian events I am attending and any relevant news about horse health and performance. I also give reviews on any new products I get my hands on related to my horsey activities If yuo want to buy or sell horses or anything equestrian related try http://www.horseoz.com/forsale

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