Rally to Save the Trails’ on Tuesday 22nd February starting at 5.30pm at the Nillumbik Shire Offices

Hi fellow riders and trail users.


This is just a polite reminder to everyone about the forthcoming ‘Rally to Save the Trails’ on Tuesday 22nd February starting at 5.30pm at the Nillumbik Shire Offices, Civic Drive Greensborough (see attachment).

We urge you to attend and to bring a car load of people with you as well. Come with a positive frame of mind and enjoy being part of creating an inspiring atmosphere.


This event is an opportunity for the horse riding community of Nillumbik Shire to demonstrate that we passionate about our local neighbourhoods, communities, bushland reserves and, of course, our trail riding within them. For those of you who perhaps do not use the trails within the Panton hill Bushland Reserves, but intend to come as a show of support for those of us who do, thank you in advance. We would love to see a big show of supporters.

We are coming together on this evening with a positive message to the shire that we seek to play an active part in the future care of these reserves, and to continue to enjoy the long-standing, low-key use of these trails by local horse riders. All we ask is for the chance to do so. The Nillumbik Horse Action Group (NHAG), with your selves as members will play an important part in this.


May I please make it clear, that it is not the intent of the organisers of this event, to ‘ambush’ the councillors or council staff, make anyone feel threatened or harassed or make a general nuisance of ourselves.  The council are fully aware that this event is taking place and we do not wish any ‘surprises’ on anyone. We absolutely discourage any aggressive display such as booing or interjecting should the Mayor, Helen Coleman, choose to say a few words to the crowd.


Many of the councillors have been interested to hear our concerns.   However, in order to keep communication lines open we need to show common courtesy in all our dealings with them, whether it is face-to-face, via email or on the phone.  


Thanks for your amazing support to date; you all have much to be proud of; let’s enjoy a great get-together to spread the word next Tuesday evening.


Cath Giles

Spokesperson, Nillumbik Horse Action Group

Email: nhag@nhag.org.au

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