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Been a fairly quiet time competition wise. Did the Cockatoo Jump trials a couple of weekends ago, not very successfully but we did complete the course.

Had a flat lesson with my coach last Wednesday which went very well. There were several times throughout the lesson where Occy felt very straight and forward and even underneath me and between my hands. His lengthenings were really good, he just pushed on and out without rushing. Now to get that to carry though to competitions.

Our showjumping has been ok, with just the occasional rail coming down when he gets confused or starts looking at things he shouldn’t be, like what’s under the jump or what’s near the jump. He hasn’t quite figured out that he should be looking at ONLY the top rails of the jump. I think he think thinks too much. Same with cross-country jumps. Often you hear that Trakheners or other jumps with ditches underneath are riders bogey fences and the horses don’t really care about the stuff under the fence, but Occy cares. He likes to have a good look at the ditch or whatever before deciding to jump —- or not. Needs work that so I have picked out a spot to build a adjustable Trakhener at home.

Now that summer looks like it is finally here I have spent a lot of time riding the tractor to finish off the annual pre summer slashing around the tracks and also been down the back pulling out the ragwort in the bush. As it has been so wet I have also been pulling off the odd leech. Broke the leech record yesterday with 4 leeches in 2 hours.

This afternoon showjumping.

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Queensland Floods Australia – Video footage of #horse #rescue – help and donations needed –

Recovery is slowly starting to happen in Queensland with many stories emerging, like the one covered by Channel 7 of the horses rescued.

Go to Equestrian Queensland at to donate or find out more information or offer assistance

Join the Facebook Group “SE QLD Horse Rescue for Flood Victims” to keep informed the Facebook way

I will try to post things at when I find out relevant information

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How Good Is It – The Older #Horse

·         How Good Is It to pull a horse out of a paddock after 4 or 5 weeks and be able to go for a relaxed loose rein canter on a ride out.

·         How Good Is It to be able to ride along an overgrown track and break branches of the way without having to get off.

·         How Good Is It to be able to rein back calmly along a narrow and blocked track for a few meters before being able to turn around

·         How Good Is It to be able to ride an older and educated horse.

·         How Good Is It!

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