More #Equestrian action on TV – Watch the Australian International 3 day event on free to Air TV Channel 7 Network Australia Free Ads

Some more fantastic Horse Action on free to air TV.

Tune into the Channel 7 network at 12 noon  Saturday the 1st of January around Australia for the for the 1 hr highlights! If you are in South Australia it will be shown at 5pm Sunday 2nd January

Wishing you all the very best for the New Year

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#Osteoarthritis and #Lameness in #horses

Researchers have found that omega-3 fatty acids have direct anti-inflammatory actions that might be useful for the treatment of osteoarthritis and lameness in horses. Read more

To combat joint disease or osteoarthritis in horses, many veterinarians have used autologous conditioned serum (ACS), also called by the product name IRAP (for the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein it contains), since the first scientific publication appeared on the subject in 2003. Since that time, a new kid on the block–a similar product sharing many characteristics with the original, and, indeed, named IRAP II–has arrived on the market. Read more

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‘Twas the Sunday after Christmas and riding we will go

Occy had the Day off on Christmas day (how is that for a Christmas present for a Horse – to be left alone J), but decided to drag him out of the paddock today for a bit of flat work. Gave him a small feed also on Christmas day (a day off AND food, horsy heaven J) as he felt a bit flat in my jump lesson on Thursday evening.

Just before I managed to saddle him I had a call from the hay man. We have been waiting for a spell of good weather so the hay could be cut. Shame about the rain every few days. But things were starting to look good and he was going to get here just after lunch. So I started riding and it started drizzling not long after. No hay today, but I got to ride at least. Another feed and tomorrow will be going to a Cross-country Clinic.

Now back outside for me to do battle with the weeds.

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Season Greetings Have Merry Christmas Season and a safe and happy New Year with all your riding activities



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Summary of last week lots of rain, #dressage, hoof and woof, and a lumpy horse

Did some flat work last week just to Occy bit of a break from jumping. Mind you on Sunday at club we did a hoof and woof for our Christmas break-up rally. Dressage followed by a showjump round which includes doing pastor the course with your horse, quickly grabbing your dog and doing some more jumps with the dog. A hoot. Sort of a combined training with the time taken for the course not penalties used. Thankyou to rent a dog Chilli.
Went have a lesson today, but ended up cancelling once I got there as Occy was lumpy. Really lumpy. Even his lips were swollen. Don’t think his bit would have fitted. So the money I saved on the lesson went straight on anti histamines. Lucky Kurt was there. Apparently a lot of horses lumpy this year, but who knows what set Occy off. Regards Walter – Free Equestrian Classifieds at

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The Horse : Toxin Topic: Anticoagulant Rodenticides

Many horse owners do not realize that baits used to kill mice, rats, and small rodents are also poisonous to horses and other mammals. Several types of rodenticide baits are available, but the most commonly used products are the anticoagulant rodenticides, which prevent clotting of blood. Read More

Another thing to keep in mind is the effect of decomposing Rodents in hay or other feed and the risk of Botulism, that is not discussed in the above article. I do not use bait, but rely on traps, as cats would not be appropriate in the area I live in due to risks to native wildlife.

Regards Walter – Free Classified Equestrian and Horse Ads at

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All about Kool it wraps – get some now

After a heavy workout and jumping you should take care of your horses legs. I used Kool It Wraps on Occy’s back legs last weekend. They are easy to use and don’t rely on ice, but you can soak them in ice water if available. Just start soaking about half an hour before you need them to hydrate the Gel.

The benefit is they absorb the heat from the horses legs exceptionally well, and you don’t have to worry about freezing the horses legs and causing damage as can happen when using straight ice. They cool for a long time and once they warm up it is a easy thing to do to dunk them in cold water again to refresh the cooling effect. They are an Australian made,  well constructed heavy Cotton Boot filled with water holding crystals with adjustable Velcro straps to hold them in place. – get some now, you can even get the custom made in a large range of colours

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