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Thursday night training session went well until we got to the counter canter. There was none. 😦 After a while I managed to do some simple counter canter loops. Friday morning was farrier time and it looked like Occy may have a sore back. So arranged for the physio Saturday morning. She seemed to think he may have had a slip in the paddock possibly as he was a bit reactive in the right shoulder and treated him, advising me not ride him for at least 8 hours. Just as well it was only 9am at that time. Still not a real good preparation for Sunday. I did get a short ride in about 8 that evening, just some suppling work and some more counter canter loops.
Come Sunday the Level 1 test was acceptable scoring over 60% with 7s for the counter canter and a 5th place. In the Level 2 managed 70% exactly with only the walk costing us 1st place. But can’t complain considering how we were going Thursday night. The only disappointing bit on the day was the stop in the (very tight and twisting) showjumping that dropped us to 2nd place in the combined training.

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