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After a average dressage test saw us midfield in 16th place we managed to make up a few places today in the Crosscountry and Showjumping. Had a great run even in the wet conditions that saw the optimum time for the Crosscountry increased by 10 seconds. Not that we needed it. Occy only slowed down once to have a bit of a look at jump 9 the Trakehner. He has a bit of a thing about half hidden ditches. But I had to slow him down towards the end so we wouldn’t get penalised for going too fast. Came in 16 seconds under time. In the Showjumping Occy had a bit of a look at jump 7 or something near there and ended up putting in a real short stride and came in too deep and dropped a rail. But it have made no difference to the final result of 5th. 🙂 Now just need a good dressage test. Getting my saddle back tomorrow from having a popped cair panel replaced, just in time for Lakes and Craters at Camperdown next weekend.

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Back to work but still riding the #horse and now for Wandin #horsetrials

The Australian International 3 Day event is over, Equitana is over, my holidays are over. Back to work for everyone, including Occy. Actu8ally he has been back in work since I came back from Adelaide.

Did a Combined Training and Dressage competition last weekend where we got a 2nd place Level 2 Combined training and a nice clear showjumping round. Also managed a 3rd place Level 1 dressage that I was please with and sort of predicted the percentage I would be happy with of 62%.

This afternoon I will be heading to Wandin to compete. With all the rain we have had in the last few days I think the going in the dressage arenas could be a bit soft, especially as I am on late in the day. I will consider putting in studs.

Tomorrow is cross country and showjumping, hope the weather is kind and not raining.

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Equitana yesterday #showjumping lesson today Equitana tomorrow and #dressage combined training on Sunday

It’s a busy few days for me. So what’s new really.

Went to Equitana www.equitana.com.au yesterday to watch the William Fox-Pitt Eventing Masterclass yesterday where he talked about lots of things including the following

·         An Eventing horse has to go when asked to

·         The horse has to learn to think for themselves

·         The rider should have a proper upright position

·         Ride the same way at home as you do in a competition

Also saw Jose Mendez do a demonstration, where some of his basics were don’t always push a horse to its limits, but reserve some of those limits for competition, so that you can get the best from him when needed. Reward often when the horse does as asked, and be consistent with your riding so the horse does not get confused.

Have a showjumping lesson later today as I have not jumped in a bit over a week, and I do like to be prepared properly for a competition, including this weekend’s dressage and combined training. Hope to also do some flat work on Saturday after getting back home from Equitana, hopefully suitably inspired after watching the Stefan Peters Masterclass.

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