Wet weekend at home 75mm 300 points of rain. Too miserable to ride #horses www.horseoz.com/forsale

Had a jump lesson Thursday night which went really well with Occy staying nice and forward into the jumps. Dragged him out Friday after work again after mowing the lawns (love daylight savings) to do the roller coaster, an undulating track with a series of 3 steepish up and down bits. Bit of a cardio workout for Occy plus get him to work those big glutes of his. As a bonus there were 2 trees across the track to jump.
Saturday and Sunday did a bit of cleaning around the house. Horse boots and saddle blankets that is 🙂 And re-arranged the jumps on the arena.
Back to work tomorrow, no 4 day weekend for me unlike a lot of others who take the day before Melbourne cup holiday.
Next up Cup day rally and a Combined Training and Dressage comp next weekend.

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How to Use a Diaper/Nappy to Pack a Hoof – free #Horse Ads www.horseoz.com/forsale

Situations when you might need to “pack” your horse’s hoof include the loss of a shoe, injury to the hoof or coronary band, hoof abscess, or other hoof infection or ailment.  Packs should be changed daily or as recommended by your veterinarian or farrier. There are a variety of methods to effectively pack a horse’s hoof. Read more

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Tooradin horse trials round up

A damp warm up area with soft sandy sections led to an average dressage which saw us midfield at 16th Saturday late morning. Plenty of time before showjumping meant I was able to walk the Crosscountry a couple of times. The course looked straight forward with only a few hundred meters of twisting turning and only a couple of skinnys.
Show jump warm up was interesting with the ground turning into mud a couple of strides from landing. Occy drifted left a couple of times and I pulled the back wing over with my left foot 😦 Luckily the footing in the ring was better and we only pulled one rail.
Sunday was Crosscountry day and we weren’t on until 3.40 on a perfect day. The ground had dried up nicely only leaving some deep sandy sections on a couple of tracks. A briefer than usual warm up as they were running early was followed by an excellent run. Occy only slowed down for a couple of the jumps and actually cantered out of the water. When I pushed the stop button as I crossed the finish line the countdown said zero. Perfect time and 9th place. Heartrate was 75 this time which I put down to some of the deep sand. Wandin next 🙂

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