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First outing in a few weeks and we did better in our Level 1 test than our level 2. Scored over 60 percent and just out of the placings in both. Not bad considering he is probably still a bit sore. Didn’t push him too hard.

Regards Walter


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The third episode of
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Occy on the road to recovery, Nearly in the top 10 Level 2 Champion rider & dressage this weekend

Having had to
scratch from the Avenel Horse trials due to Occy’s injury was disappointing, but
on the bright side he is recovering after several treatments to alleviate the
various muscular sore spots he developed in the fall. The shoulder is fine and
will just take time for any deeper bruising to resolve. At least there was no
injury to the tendon attachment on the shoulder.
On the brighter side
it looks like we ended up in 13th spot in the Level 2 Champion rider awards in
the HRCAV for the 2009 – 2010 year, which is very good especially considering I
also competed in a lot of EA events during the year. Another carrot for
Dressage at Glenbrae
this weekend, riding Level 2 and Level 1, so will gradually have to up the work
he is getting this week to make sure I don’t put too much stress on Occy an
re-aggravate the injury.

Riding wise has been an interesting couple of weeks

Was not able (not allowed) to ride for about 8 days before sneaking back on
the big fellow. It took about 2 or three rides to get back to where we were
and things were going well. For the flat work I was doing a lot of
transitions, including canter – walk and walk – canter. The aim being to get
Occy to be more responsive and also to get him to use that big rear end of
his more effectively. That seemed to be working nicely as my coach seemed
pleased with progress.

Fitness wise managed to get out to do some hill work including gallops and
long canters with lead changes.

For the jumping he was staying forward into the jumps including some short
approaches on my arena. Not too many of his little time warps in front of
the jump (to the uninitiated that means just a jump to the left and a step
to the right, most disconcerting to ride). Had a lesson last Wednesday
evening which started out nice and forward. I’m used to seeing the ground
come closer when landing after the jump, but I knew something was wrong when
I could clearly make out the grains of sand on the arena. Unfortunately he
took a long stride to the oxer at one stage and collected the rear element.
Abrupt end to the lesson, and Occy managed to get a few days off for
recovery. Doesn’t seem to have done any major damage apart from some
bruising on his shoulder and some bark off same where he landed.

I’ll give him some flat work on Sunday and see how he goes for that. Another
treatment Monday night, and hopefully I will get the go-ahead to jump him in
preparation for a horse trials the weekend after. Here is hoping.

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Episode 1 of the brand new season opens with a fascinating feature on the
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